Euroresearch is a company of DySyn Group, a group acting in different areas, from pharmaceutical to agro-veterinary fields, from real estate to flight services.

Since its foundation in 1983 Euroresearch developed technologies for biological products in wound healing area.

The knowledge in wound healing, in last 25 years, grew fast because of the evolution in the treatment of delayed healing wounds.

In more than 20 years experience Euroresearch developed and continues to develop high technology products to satisfy the most advanced needs in this therapeutic area.


Wound management needs dressings that perform different actions, from keeping a moist environment to providing a barrier for external agents, from controlling minor bleedings to enhance the healing process.

The advanced healing of wounds – and the control of minor bleedings - have been the primary target of Euroresearch, achieved with the realization of horse collagen pads and spray, both used in hospitals, nursing homes and directly at home by the patients themselves.

Euroresearch is now developing new collagen based wound care line –to enrich its range- aiming to create the most favourable environment to tissue growth and regeneration and to protect wounds from the attack of external factors that could hinder a quick recovery.

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Euroresearch’s mission started with the research and development of innovative solutions for wound management.

With innovative and highly effective wound healing products Euroresearch adds value to the mission of medical professionals in wound management: the peculiarity of Euroresearch’s wound healing line could be summarized in “not to cover but to care”.

Euroresearch expertise and commitment in developing new and cost effective wound healing products continues day by day, to provide patients the best and fast solutions to their needs.

Innovation characterizes the daily work, aiming to balance the needs of patients and the medical treatments.

The experience achieved in wound management enables Euroresearch to offer new and valid products.

The dynamism and professionalism characterizing Euroresearch’s staff ensures a high quality service to the medical profession and – at the end – to patients.


Euroresearch is dedicated to health care and its goal is to expand its range of products and services to better meet the needs of the medical class and of patients, either in hospitals or at home, assuring the necessary resources to provide educational programs and assistance to doctors and nurses.

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